InAnna Maiya (Lygeia) (inannamaiya) wrote in floridart,
InAnna Maiya (Lygeia)

Uberbot: Sat. 7-11pm!

Please help my fave shop, the winter park uberbot!

Despite being one of coolest shops in Winter Park, unique circumstances in the Village have put us in a tough situation that we'll need your help to move past! If we don't hit a magic sales number over the next few days, Uberbot in the Winter Park Village will be closed before the month is over and forced to scramble into a new spot.

The first thing you can do is visit Uberbot today!! Pick up some goodies and have a nice day in the Village.
The second thing, come to our big fund raising event Saturday the 24th!! The sale will last all day but the event goodness goes from 7pm to 11pm. We'll have storewide sales, giveaways and raffles. The night will also be a full fledged art event as some of our favorite artists are stepping up to help out! We'll have new pieces from all of your favorites like Phil Noto, Stainboy, Buff Monster, Dan Brereton, Terribly Odd and Erik Jones! The list grows with every hour so by next Saturday it will be a perfect night to pick up some new art, designer toys, apparel and just about anything else you want!

Tell your friends and family! Spread the word!
We hope to see you all there!

Much Thanks and Love,
Team Überbot
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